Price Promise

We founded twenty years ago on a few simple principles; first and foremost we wanted to be an open, honest and ethical business.  Part of that is ensuring we deliver simple and easy to understand pricing that’s fair to everyone.  As such, all our products are backed by our price promise.

VAT Included

All our prices are inclusive of VAT. You won’t get to the end of checkout and find an extra twenty percent added to your total. The price you see on our site is the final price you pay.

No Hidden Fees

We aim to provide everything you need out of the box with our hosting plans. There are no “gotcha” fees waiting to get you down the line.

  • SSL and backups are 100% free on every plan.
  • We don’t charge for page views or bandwidth.
  • SMTP.  If you need to send email via SMTP we provide this as standard with email accounts.

What you might need to pay extra for:

  • Domain names. These are priced separately to hosting.
  • A bigger account.  If your site needs more resources or you want to host more domain names, you might need to upgrade.

Simple Renewal Prices

We won’t hit you with a surprise fee increase after your first year like some companies do.  The price you see at signup is the price each and every month.  Of course, we do increase our prices from time to time, but these affect everyone in a similar fashion.  There are no set price hikes after set periods expire.

Everyone Pays The Same

We do offer introductory free time to both new and existing customers.  If you’re setting up a new account we offer a variety of offers to get you started – just ask any of our team for one. These are meant to help users get to grips with a new service, or test a product/concept before committing to a long term payment with us.  Once these expire, everyone pays the same price, no matter how large an account or portfolio they have with us.  We don’t offer discounts for paying in advance either.

Rolling Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the service, we offer a rolling thirty day money back guarantee. What does that mean? We’re happy to close your account and refund any fees paid in the last thirty days of your service for that hosting account.

Pro-rata Refund For Unused Time

If you do choose to pay in advance for your hosting and decide to close your account early we will happily refund the difference.  Paid for the full year in advance and find your project ends after 6 months? Just drop us a line and we will refund the unused 6 months of your hosting.

Domain Names Are Different

We build all of our hosting products in-house. We don’t outsource or resell in any fashion. As such we’re able to offer this great flexibility and freedom in our pricing approach. Domain names are different. We buy these from third parties on behalf of our clients, and much of the above may not apply.

As a general rule of thumb, once you’ve purchased or renewed a domain name, it is set in stone for the registration period. The domain registry/registrar are almost always unwilling to cancel or refund a domain name, so unfortunately we’re unable to as well.