What is SSL?

SSL is a system that secures the connection between your web site and your web site visitor’s browser. This allows for the safe and secure transmission of important information such as credit card data. SSL connections are mandatory for any online business that runs a PCI compliant website.

On today’s modern web we recommend every website use SSL to secure their site. Google themselves recommend this approach and even reward websites with higher placement in search engine results. With better search engine ranking, better security, and no cost to get started – there’s no reason not to SSL enable your website today.

Free SSL

As standard we offer free SSL on all of our managed hosting products. We use the popular Let’s Encrypt registry to offer SSL as a free, one click installation on your website. Our Let’s Encrypt system is completely automated, and activated at the click of a button. Installation and activation usually takes less than one hour to complete, and certificates are automatically renewed. This makes using SSL on a website hassle and worry free.