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We believe in giving back, supporting local charities and making the world a better place.

Like any business, we need to earn a living, but we also want to benefit society, not just our bottom line.

Supporting charities with free web hosting

For most charities, every last penny is crucial. Each pound saved on web hosting means an extra pound can be spent directly on core activities.

Free hosting

We provide free hosting to more than 600 UK charities

Hosting capacity

10% of our capacity is donated to good causes


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Is my charity eligible?

If you’re a registered UK charity and hold a current registered charity number issued by the UK charity commission, then we can support you.

We do this to create a minimum sensible threshold, to ensure every application is treated fairly and equally. And because we’re UK-based and focused, it makes sense for us to concentrate our efforts here.  We allocate upto 10% of our hosted site capacity for charity sites.

But if you don’t qualify, don’t worry. We might be able to help you in other ways. Our people share our values, and often personally support charities in their own time with the help of

What type of hosting will I receive?

We’ll supply our chosen charities with an entry level package on the appropriate hosting platform. For example, if you run a WordPress site, we will provide you with a WordPress hosting plan.

Website Builder

Website Builder

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Professional Hosting

Professional Hosting

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

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What if I need something more?

No problem, if you need more powerful hosting then we’ll still provide you with an entry level package at no charge. All we ask is that you pay the difference between the base plan we offer for free and the extra resources you need.

To make it all smooth and seamless, we also provide free SSL and backups with all our hosting, as well as offering some of the best prices in the UK for domain names. Plus, transferring your domain name over to us is free for UK domains, allowing you to enjoy our service features and benefits. What could be easier?

So, what do you want in exchange?

Don’t worry, there’s no catch. We’d like you to help us promote this program, but we won’t insist.

If you’re willing to share the news of your sponsored hosting on your website, through email newsletters or on social media, that’s great. We really appreciate it.

We’re proud to support our charities, and we’re always looking to help more. However, whether or not you spread the word is entirely up to you.

To take advantage of our free charity hosting program, just drop us an email with your requirements to or use our online form and we’ll start the ball rolling.

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Charities using free charity hosting

We’re immensely proud of the over 600 charities we support. We’re currently providing free hosting for the following registered charities.