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Exceptional UK-based support

We provide the very best technical support available and leave the automated systems and robotic chat to others.

Website builder

Free website builder

All our domain names come with a free website builder installation, so you can create a single-page website at no extra cost.


Plenty of choice

With more than 250 different domain endings to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal one for your needs.


Full DNS control

Every one of our domains comes complete with full DNS control, which means you can customise your domain as you please.

Auto renew

Optional auto renew

We can even manage your domain registrations for you, so you never have to worry about domains expiring.

No hidden fees

No hidden fees

Our pricing is straightforward, open, and honest. All our prices include VAT and there are no nasty hidden fees.

Free web hosting migration service

If you already own a domain name, you can transfer it to us and we can manage it for you. If you need to move your hosting and website at the same time, we can handle everything from advising on what package you need to helping you move your website and email data across.

All domains transferred to enjoy the same benefits as buying a domain directly from us. And if you want to transfer a UK domain (, .uk,, then it’s absolutely free.

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Our expertise and commitment to excellence have earned us a name as the go-to hosting provider for small businesses, developers, and charities.

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Great service as usual! I called to get some advice on how to use a domain name I purchased from a different company and being hosted with 34sp. Within a few minutes after the call, I had the info I needed in my mail box!
Thomas D

34SP provide the best support I have ever used. You can can always speak to a real person, a rarity these days, and they always solve your problem. Brilliant support.
Jason H

The issue was quickly identified and the solution suggested. Our understanding of how the entire system works was greatly enhanced.
Ananda S

All good he was really patient with me and tried to empower me by teaching me how to do it myself and it worked Many thanks
Annabel B

Domain registration FAQs

Where can I host my domain name?

You’re free to host with us or any other hosting company you choose. Once you register a domain, we’ll automatically set the name servers to ours. This means if you also buy hosting with us, the domain will work with no extra configuration needed. A quick name server change is all that’s needed to point a domain to a different hosting company.

Does a domain have to be hosted?

Not at all. Domains do not need to be hosted, once the domain is registered and in your name, it will be yours to do as you fit for the period of its paid registration. Whether you’re just looking to secure domains for future use or protect your brand or business name, a domain name can sit happily unused for many years.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

Once you’ve confirmed your domain name is available and paid for it, it usually takes no more than 24 hours for the domain to be formally registered. We don’t recommend you start to use the domain (marketing, printed materials, links etc.) until the domain is confirmed in the WHOIS record. The WHOIS database is a publicly available record of all registered domain names, and their owner details.

What details are shown for my domain in the WHOIS database?

The details you provide at registration are passed onto the domain name registry, the company that oversees the domain name extension. They in turn place these details into the WHOIS database.

For a variety of reasons, you may not want your details shown in this public record. Like other domain registration companies, we offer a WHOIS opt-out service. You can select this at checkout for an extra £2.50 per year. When you pay for the opt-out service, we provide our details to the domain registry, and in turn these displayed in the WHOIS database. We still keep your contact details, but only internal to

How can I check the WHOIS database?

We offer a domain WHOIS lookup tool that will show you the details for any registered domain name.

I don’t see the extension I want listed, what can I do?

There are hundreds and hundreds of domain name extensions available, and we don’t offer every single one. That said, we’re constantly adding them when we see demand. If there’s a domain you’d like to see us offer, just drop us an email to and we will see if the domain can be added to our offering quickly.

What if I cancel my domain, can I get a refund?

Sadly not. Once a registration is confirmed with the registry, it is effectively set in stone for the paid period. As registries will not refund us for a domain cancellation, we in turn cannot refund you. As the service is effectively bespoke for you and you alone, the domain is also not subject to UK law’s cooling off period.

Can I sell my domain to someone else?

Of course. If you no longer need your domain, someone has made you a great offer, or just in the business of domain speculating – you’re free to sell it on as you choose. We can’t help with this process, but there are many reputable companies who specialise in domain brokerage. Once you’ve handled the sale process, you can use your control panel with us to change the ownership details of your domain name at any time.

Please note, we do not advise purchasing domain names with another companies existing registered brand or trademark. Domain squatting practices in such circumstances are viewed poorly by both domain registries and regional legislation.

Please note that the products we provision directly, such as all of our website hosting plans, come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What domain names can I register?

We currently offer more than 250 different domain name extensions. You can check out the complete list of domain registration options on our domain name price page. Please note that to register some domain names, certain requirements must be met. From the pricing page you can review the registration requirements for each of the domain extensions. If you have any questions, or don’t see the domain extension you need listed, just drop us an email to for assistance.