Domain Name Transfer
Transfer your domain name to

Domain names transferred into will retain their existing nameservers. If you wish to use nameservers (or specify custom nameservers), turn off this setting.

How domain transfers work

A simple four step process

1. Readying your domain

To get started you will need to prepare your domain for the move. Some domain names (for example ones ending in .com, .net & .org) require you ask your existing domain provider to unlock the domain. UK domains have no such lock. Once you start your transfer, we will email you with all the details for your specific domain.

2. Start the transfer

Just use the form at the top of the page to get started. Tell us the domain name you would like to move to By default we will not change your domain's nameservers during a transfer, but should you wish to you can update the nameservers to's (or specify any others you wish). We will make any nameserver changes you choose once we take control of your domain.

3. Authorising the move

This varies from domain to domain. For UK domains, you will need to update the IPS tag on your domain. For com, net and org domain names, you will receive an email asking you to approve the transfer. Again, don't worry, once you start the process we will email you with all the domain specific steps you need to take.

4. Sit back and relax

We think you'll be able to tackle this one yourself, but if you need, you can contact us 7 days a week. We're happy to check in on the status of the transfer and advise how things look, and if any more steps need to be completed.

Expiring domains caution: If your domain is set to expire within the next 28 days, please proceed with caution. Successful domain transfers can take 5 working days to complete. This period can take longer for different domain name types and individual circumstances.

We strongly discourage the transfer of any domain that is set to imminently expire. We are happy to assist with your transfer - but ensuring the completion of the transfer inward is your responsibility.

Want to know more?

Frequently asked questions

This varies from domain to domain, but we try to make the process as cheap as possible so you can move your domain name easily. All UK domain name transfer are completely free for example. com/net/org transfers cost five pounds to transfer, but include a free year of renewal once we take control of the domain name for. Enter the domain name you would like to move in the form above and we will tell you if there are any costs associated with the transfer.

Not at all. When you transfer a domain name, any existing paid time on your domain moves over to your new provider. This means you can transfer your domain name into, or away from at any time, and you will not lose any paid time. Please note that new domains often are locked for 60 days after purchase and cannot be moved until the lock expires.

Again, not at all. We would love to help you with your web hosting needs, but we're equally happy to serve as just your domain provider. This means we will be your point of contact for any domain specific technical support, and also who you pay to renew the domain name with. See here for our costs on renewing a domain name.

We can act as your domain provider for all popular domain names. A full list of the domain names we support (and their associated prices) can be found on our Domain Name Prices page.

On average we advise that it takes five working days from start to finish. Often times a transfer will be much quick, and sometimes it can take slightly longer. Provided you have good access to your domain name with your existing.

We try to make that as quick and painless as possible too. Provided the domain isn't under any domain lock we will help you to move the domain name onto your chosen new provider as quickly as possible.