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Website Hosting FAQ

Domain names are not included in the price of a hosting account. You will need to purchase a domain name separately to your website plan. You can search for domain names here.

All our hosting plans come fully featured with every tool you'll need. We provide SSL and backups completely free and standard on all web hosting plans. We do not charge for bandwidth for normal website usage. Every plan comes with access to our Mercury email platform too with webmail, spam filtering, IMAP and POP mail.

The price you see is the price you pay. We include VAT as standard in our prices, and have no setup or cancellation fees. We don't have any set contract periods either, you are free to pay month to month and cancel at any time.

On a shared system, all the hosted websites share the resources of the server. In times of extreme load this means performance can suffer; if one site suddenly gets a huge surge in traffic, it can in theory affect other hosted sites that share the resources. This rarely happens as we monintor servers and balance sites carefully across our shared servers. We also aim for a 99.5% uptime on shared systems, though we do not guarantee this. Shared hosting is fine for hobbyists, personal sites and organisations looking to strecth their budget.

Containerised hosting ring fences resources for each container - your website then lives inside this container. Another hosted site cannot affect yours, as the resources are guaranteed. Moreover, containerised hosting is inherently nore secure, as your site/s are again segregated from other users. Containerised hosting should be an immediate choice for any professional website or business site. Most of our containerised plans come with Service Level Agreements (SLA) as they offer more reliability. See individual product pages for more SLA details.

We've got your back. You can cancel any of our hosting plans at any time and get a refund for the last thirty days. We never lock you into long term contracts. If you're not sure what is the best plan for your needs, just ask one of our team for info on how to setup a free hosting account for testing.

We will take care of this for you if you need. We do not charge for migrations inward to 34SP.com and are happy to help you get your site live without errors. We normally advise five working days to start and complete a transfer, but we can often perform migrations much faster.

Most of our hosting plans are created minutes after you signup. We use an automated provisioning tool that works around the clock to ensure a quick setup. In very rare circumstances, we might need to validate your order manually. We're open seven days a week and will be in touch right away if this is the case.

Our control panel makes adding an account contact quick and simple. You can add as many technical or billing contacts to the account as you like. They can work with our support team on related queries. We allow only one overall owner contact, who retains ultimate control and responsibility for the website. If you need to change the ownership of a site at any time, our support team can help you to change this.

All of our packages are loaded with every feature your site will need, for free. Backups, email, SSL, account management tools and more - are all included as standard. Based on your software and budget needs, certain packages to make better sense than others.

For site that use WordPress we strongly suggest our WordPress hosting. This is a purpose built platform, optimised and secure just for WordPress; this makes the platform lightning fast, more secure and very reliable.

If you need to host lots of different websites, resell webhosting to your own clients or need a very cost effective and reliable for many sites, then our Reseller Hosting is a great choice. We use the Plesk control panel, and do not mention 34SP.com anywhere; this means you can become your own webhost and sell your own hosting to your clients - perfect for designers and agencies.

Smaller sites, personal websites, organisations on a budget - should all look at our professional hosting. This shared hosting plan is our most modestly price plan, but still doesn't sacrifice quality and performance. You can also upgrade and downgrade across our products at any time. Our team are always happy to help.

For registered UK charities we do offer free hosting accounts. We're keen to give back and currently support hundreds and hundreds of UK charities completely for free. We offer all our hosting plans to charities, just let us know your needs.

If you buy hosting from 34SP.com you can also rest assured that a portion of your monthly fees are going to support an increasing number of good causes in the UK!