Regardless of your choice of service, we have a number of standard guidelines for sending email through SMTP Hosting

  • You can only use SMTP on hosted domains
  • Zero tolerance policy in regards to spam, don’t send it!
  • There is a maximum of 50 recipients per email
  • SMTP services for one domain cannot be used to send email for a different, or non hosted domain.
  • Bulk email must be to opt in users only, with clearly defined opt out procedures.

SMTP Hosting Products

Whether you send handfuls or thousands of emails each day.

Shared SMTP

By default, our hosting accounts (Professional Hosting, Universal Hosting, Reseller Hosting) are provisioned with shared SMTP as standard.

We run a clustered array of multiple servers that work to accept and deliver emails from thousands of users and domains. The cluster is load balanced to adaptively connect each user to the lowest usage machine in the array at any given time ensuring email is delivered quickly at all times. Outgoing email on our shared array is filtered for viruses to ensure that blacklisting and blocking of the array’s IP range is kept to a minimum.

In order to keep the shared system as fast as possible for all users, we limit the volume of email each domain is permitted to deliver in any given month. Professional Hosting accounts are allowed to a send a maximum of 500 emails per day as standard (up to 5,000 per month in total). Universal Hosting accounts are allowed to send a maximum of 1,000 emails per day as standard (up to 10,000 per month in total).

If you need to deliver more than this, please see the Private SMTP service below.

Private / Bulk SMTP

For users who need to send large volumes of email or simply want to have a Private SMTP server dedicated to their own mailing purposes, we offer a Private SMTP facility. This is offered only as an upgrade to an existing hosting product. does not deliver email for non hosted domains.

In order to ensure maximum email processing speeds, Private SMTP is not enabled with anti spam or anti virus software. Private SMTP is provisioned as a managed VPS server, with its own private IP address.

Private SMTP starts at £7.00 per month and allows the delivery of 20,000 emails per month . For every additional £5.00 per month, the limit is increased by 20,000 emails. E.g. if you need to bulk deliver email to 100,000 opt in users per month you would require a 5X Private SMTP upgrade at £30.00 per month.