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We're keen supporters of the WordPress community and do our best to support all the events we can in the UK. Here's a look back at the most recent WordCamp events we've attended and sponsored in the UK.

2017 WordCamp Events

Tim Nash talking at WordCamp London 2017

WordCamp London 2017

March 17th-19th, London Metropolitan University

WCLDN 2017 went by in a flash. The busiest most lively WordCamp of the year saw our WordPress platform lead Tim Nash take to the stage to talk WordPress hosting and 7 of us took the trip up there to support him. We handed out London themed Wapuu stickers, what seemed like a never ending supply of Haribo as WCLDN attendees enjoyed lightsabers, hats and photobooth fun. The WordCamp London social is always a great one with retro games and karaoke, we are guaranteed to have a great night with many new members of the WordCamp community.

The staff at our stand, at WordCamp Bristol

WordCamp Bristol 2017

May 13th-14th, Watershed Media Centre

Kayleigh spoke solo for her first time at WordCamp Bristol 2017 on WordPress galleries. We spent a lot of the time filming our experience at WordCamp Bristol to share with the community. Visit our YouTube channel for the highlights. The conference was a very social one. Taking place at the side of the dock we enjoyed riverside bar walks, great food and a big group of attendees got together to watch the Eurovision in the evening. It was brilliant day and one of our favourite conferences. With a last minute change we ended up sponsoring the after party.

The staff at our stand, at WordCamp Edinburgh

WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

July 22nd-23rd, CodeBase

With a fabulous view of Edinburgh castle and local market with great coffee, four of us went to WordCamp Edinburgh, spoke at and in fact were the only ones with a stand at WCEDIN. The venue was in a perfect location. We had plenty of time to go to the talks and we celebrated a birthday whilst we were there. Check out the video we made of the highlights of WCEDIN in our blog.

The staff pose with our swag bags at WordCamp Brighton

WordCamp Brighton 2017

August 18th-20th, Eagle Labs

Four of us took a trip down to WordCamp Brighton and took up camp in an airbnb. In between the great talks we took the opportunity to head down to the beach and fly a drone down the coast. Brighton was a very relaxing conference in 2017, we spent more time socialising with the WordCamp community who had ventured to WCBTN from abroad. We did a lot of filming at this one. Check out our YouTube channel for short interviews.

The staff help out at the Happiness Bar, at WordCamp Dublin

WordCamp Dublin 2017

October 14th-15th, DCU Business School

Three of us ventured out to Dublin for a weekend of WordPress, Guinness and sushi. Kayleigh spoke about WordPress galleries and we spent a lot of our time away from the stand doing something a little different. Dublin had a thriving happiness bar that needed help. We joined the organiser team to help out as much as we could. We took plenty of photos at WordCamp Dublin which you'll probably see on next years official WordCamp Dublin website.

A member of staff pose with our swag, at WordCamp Manchester

WordCamp Manchester 2017

October 28th, Manchester Metropolitan Business School

This was the year some of us swapped out our blue shirts for organiser shirts. We helped to organise WordCamp Manchester, we also spoke about security and we met lots of new people as WCMCR had doubled in size due to demand. WordCamps for us are about learning, socialising and teamwork. Since 2015 we haven't missed a single team hug.

2016 WordCamp Events

A WordCamp attendee poses with our Wapuu mascot, at WordCamp London

WordCamp London 2016

April 8th-10th, London Metropolitan University

The year we made a big splash at WordCamp London and people really got to know us! We brought our giant Wapuu out to take photos with attendees. 2016 also saw the birth of our #MyWapuu competition. We included a chance to win Amazon vouchers and handed our sticker sheet with the lovable WordPress mascot Wapuu. If there's anything we've learned from attending WordCamps, it's that the WordPress community loves stickers almost as much as we do. Search #MyWapuu on Twitter to see entries.

The man the stand at WordCamp Brighton

WordCamp Brighton 2016

July 23th-24th, City College Brighton (Central Campus)

Our first trip down to Brighton as a big team and we had a brilliant time. In between the conference we enjoyed walks on the windy sea front. We continued our #MyWapuu competition from London and added some Brighton dress up stickers which were well received. One of our clients spoke about creativity at WCBTN which was great.

A member of team tries sword fighting

WordCamp Belfast 2016

October 1st-2nd, Peter Froggatt Centre, Queens University

Northern Ireland hosted its first ever WordCamp in 2016, and the WordPress team were in attendance to help support the Irish WordPress community. During lunch, we were treated to some Game of Thrones inspired cos play, which is surely a first for any WordCamp anywhere in the world!

The team gather before a talk at WordCamp Manchester

WordCamp Manchester 2016

October 22nd-23rd, Manchester Metropolitan University

A whopping 10 members of the team went to WordCamp Manchester, 11 including Wapuu, to support Kayleigh and Keith who were doing a joint talk on 'Battling the WSOD - A tech support tale'. This inspired Phil and Joe to enter into lightning talks too. We spoke a lot, we learned a lot and we gave out our legendary colourful t-shirts we see you wearing today.

2015 WordCamp Events

The stand at WordCamp London

WordCamp London 2015

March 20th-22nd, London Metropolitan University

WordCamp London 2015 saw the birth of our photo competition to encourage the attendees to start sharing photos at WordCamps. WordCamp London changes their theme every year and 2015 was our favourite by far, with their pink and black punk 'Sex Pistols' theme. @mustardbees won our competition with Inception themed selfie taking. We got such a good feel for the venue that we were ready to make a splash for next year.

Staff gather at the stand at WordCamp Manchester

WordCamp Manchester 2015

October 10th-11th, Manchester Metropolitan University

WCMCR 2015 - our first WordCamp where we were not only a top level sponsor, we showed up in force in our hometown of Manchester. 2014 was the first WordCamp Manchester for us however in 2015 the majority of our staff members attended to support Tim. He spoke about 'A very modern WordPress stack', well received as always and we learned a lot that day.

Staff gather prepare the stand prior to WordCamp Edinburgh

WordCamp Edinburgh 2015

November 21st, Skyscanner HQ

WCEDIN was a significant WordCamp for us! We ticked 3 things off our list that WordCamp; Public speaking, large number of crew, trip out without management. It was the first WordCamp we attended as a team of 6 giving us all chance to pick the talks we wanted to go to. And with Tim Nash as part of the team we were kept very busy. He spoke about the future of Rest API in WordPress which was very well received and the first time we'd had a long queue at our stand, all after Tim had only been with us for 3 weeks. We started to make plans for future WordCamps.

2014 WordCamp Events

Staff staff pose with WordPress founder Mike Little at WordCamp Manchester

WordCamp Manchester 2014

June 28th-29th, Manchester Metropolitan University

Our very first WordCamp event that we sponsored and attended as real human beings. The second WordCamp in the city and back after a 4 year gap, so we jumped at the chance to be a sponsor the moment a WordCamp event started up in our home city. We've proudly supported every Manchester event since, with our team helping organizing and run the 2017 event.