Thank you WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

27 July 2017

Siobhan Hancock

As they say in Scotland: Mony a mickle maks a muckle. For anyone south of Scotland it means look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves and that’s exactly what WordCamp Edinburgh did! WordCamp Edinburgh wasn’t the biggest WordCamp we have been to and it wasn’t the most extravagant, but it was right up there with the best WordCamps we’ve been to.

The WordCamp Edinburgh 2017 organisers had clearly spent the money where it mattered. The days were well structured and the talks balanced and informative. The venue Codebase was perfect for the amount of people attending and very cosy. We’ve never had a more relaxing WordCamp! Which technically we should be working not relaxing but that’s not what I mean. The plan for our stand gelled well with what the organisers and the venue staff and we were able to demo our managed WordPress hosting with complete ease with the flow of traffic.

It was also the first WordCamp where we felt like everyone around us was in an equally great mood. Excited about the talks and the weekend. Not only were we excited about the event from a sponsors point of view, two of our members of staff are organising WordCamp Manchester 2017, so it was a pretty inspirational event.

Using CodeBase for an event

“At first we were a little hesitant at the thought of having our sponsor stand up in what was effectively the same room as ‘Track 2’ of talks. But the organisers were really good with us. We picked our own spot, we had plenty of room and we even utilised what was already there around us. There were couches and giant bean bags to sit on plus a table football set. We looked less corporate and more fun which is what WordCamp Edinburgh was; it was fun. We’re good friends with the WordCamp community and it feels like we actually got chance to speak to people more in depth, it was a lovely environment. In my opinion hiring CodeBase for an event was perfect, especially for making people feel cosy and happy.” – Keith Hyde, WordPress Systems Specialist

Photos of WordCamp Edinburgh

WordCamp Edinburgh 2018

In short – we can’t wait for it! If this years WordCamp Edinburgh was anything to go by we’re certainly looking forward to next year when the lovely Ahmed Khalifa takes over as lead organiser. Make sure to follow @wcedin on Twitter and have a sift through the hashtag #wcedin. We’re looking forward to the 2017 speakers being submitted to, especially the end talk on the Sunday by Rachel Squirrel. Rachel spoke beautifully about blogging for therapy, reducing 99% of us to tears. A real thought-provoking talk. What a way to end WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

-Siobhan @SiobhanLHancock