WordPress Agency Hosting

A partnership programme for agencies that live and breathe WordPress.

WordPress Hosting For Agencies

We understand that design and development agencies have unique requirements. We know that your business relies on a solid hosting partner that has your back at all times and knows your business inside out. With this in mind we created our agency partner program for agencies that need an expert WordPress web hosting partner to help them wow their clients.

Free WordPress Hosting

As an agency partner we will provide you with an unlimited use coupon code for free WordPress hosting. You can use this on our site at any time to provision a new WordPress container with 60 days free credit on the container. With two months of free hosting you have time to deploy, create, test and hand off any new sites and services to your clients - free of accounting and billing concerns.

Granular account control

All our hosting products support granular account control. This means you can set a unique owner, technical and billing contact for a given WordPress hosting container. When you're ready to hand off a project to a client you can remain the technical contact on the account while your client can take over as the owner and billing contact to handle payment and invoice matters.

As standard, your free WordPress hosting accounts will be assigned to your agency account for admin, billing and technical contact; updating the account contacts is a quick and painless process.

Account management

Agency partners are assigned a 34SP.com account manager at the time of onboarding. Your contact will work to understand what makes your business tick and how we can better work with you, to help grow your business. We'll reach out from time to time to check everything is working and in order - and you too can drop a note to your account manager at any time, should you ever need to discuss any matter.

As a company we're keen users of the Slack team messaging platform; as our partner we'll offer you an invite to this semi-private communications channel so you can reach out quickly and in real time.

Priority support

If you run into any technical difficulties we know that any delay from your hosting partner translates into a delay for your own clients. We give our agency partners priority support for any case that needs immediate attention. Our support team is available 365 days a year and we won't leave you hanging.


34SP.com hosts tens of thousands of websites, and from time to time our users ask us for reputable and reliable businesses they can work with to help them develop their sites. As our partner we will list your business and specialities on our NAME - hopefully we can work with you to help grow both of our businesses together.

If you'd like to be considered for our partner program, please drop us a line to sales@34sp.com with your contact details and we will be in touch.