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Jason Wagner

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Pingcreates.com is the creative playground for freelance animation artist Jason Wagner.

Pingcreates.com have worked on highly creative Flash and animation projects with clients including Subway, Macsmith, and the Fife council. Mr. Wagner describes his experience with 34SP.com in his own words, “I studied animation and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art ten years ago. Upon leaving I quickly set myself up as a freelancer designing and building web sites for a variety of corporate clients. As my knowledge and folio of work increased, I realised my current hosting provider just didn't cut the mustard. That's when I asked a friend what hosting provider he used and it was 34SP.com.

After a quick visit to 34SP.com I realised this was exactly what I wanted. I needed PHP and database support now that I'd moved onto content management systems for my clients. I also needed access to emails on the move (this was in the days when the iPhone wasn't invented!), a comprehensive site admin, private ftp and above all reliability.

Since then my freelance career has gone from strength to strength and I was very soon juggling multiple clients and a series of large projects including site builds for macsmith.com, bitrex.com and redkite-animation.com.

“With 34SP.com if I email the help desk I know I'll get a positive 'We are here to help' answer back - no excuses. That's what I need because that's what my clients expect.”

As the work progressed, I always kept a close eye on the latest technology and software that could push the creativity forward. With the advent of Flash and as a trained animator it was the perfect platform to create content for a new and growing market. I've also created rich media banners for Subway running on MSN; an online game as part of the 'Waste Aware' campaign for Fife council; a microsite for North East Studentships nest.ac.uk and blobina.com for my wife who of course also has a 34SP.com hosting account.

Because I work online, I need a reliable service that provides a high monthly transfer for flash streaming video and a reliable server for my own promotional web site. In all my time with 34SP.com I've never had one day of downtime - that is outstanding to say the least!

Furthermore, I recommend all my clients use 34SP.com for two reasons: Fantastic customer support and because I build and test on 34SP.com servers, I know how to sort any problems that may arise. The real bonus is the customer support - and a recent site build had a dreaded pre-condition failure. These are notorious problems that can spring up when you least expect them causing errors that can scare a client.

However, because they signed up on 34SP.com I could contact the help desk and within an hour the ball was rolling and the guys were working out a solution. The kudos for this one goes to Ian who worked tirelessly to narrow the parameters down, find and fix the problem.

That's why I use and recommend 34SP.com When I create web sites for clients, I need a service that works. Previous hosting providers have tried to fob me off with techno-babble and there is nothing more frustrating. With 34SP.com if I email the help desk I know I'll get a positive 'We are here to help' answer back - no excuses. That's what I need because that's what my clients expect.”

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