Business Hosting

With more than 20 years of web hosting experience under our belts, we've helped thousands of businesses make an impact with their website. It's safe to say that when it comes to business hosting, we know exactly what makes a website succeed.

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When considering where and how to host your business' website, we think it's important you consider the following critical points.

Increased performance

Fast websites make happy customers, and who doesn't want happy customers? Studies show that faster websites repeatedly outperform slower websites when it comes to sales. Customers don't have all day to wait for your site to load; every single second counts when it comes to closing the deal.

At we always recommend a containerised hosting plan to make sure your website's resources are ring-fenced from other users. Containerised plans can also be easily scaled up with resources if your site needs more. On hosting plans like our Universal Hosting we can even tweak the software on your account to add additional layers of caching and deliver performance improvements.

Reduced downtime

A containerised hosting account means your site is isolated from other users on the server. On traditional shared hosting, the actions of one user can compromise and overload a whole server. Your business website could go down at the worst possible time, through no fault of your own. Performance and downtime go hand in hand - customers demand your site is available and fast at all times.

We build our business hosting products with uptime in mind at all times. We're so confident in these systems working around the clock that we offer a Service Level Agreement on our business hosting platforms. Just check our product pages for more details on each plan's SLA.

PCI compliance

If your website handles sensitive customer data such as credit cards, your website needs to be PCI compliant. This is a mandatory requirement of all the major credit card processors. You'll find that both our WordPress Hosting and Universal Hosting are PCI compliant out of the box. Just ask our team about how we can help with PCI compliance. If you choose to host your business site, you'll find we make PCI compliance simple and cost effective.

Proactive security

Each of our packages tackles security in a different way. On our WordPress platform for example. we protect specifically against WordPress threats and attacks. That might differ on our Reseller or Universal Hosting packages. One thing is for certain: security is essential for any business site. Attackers are working around the clock to find vulnerabilities in your website and hosting platform; make sure you select a hosting solution that is working just as hard to stop them.


We provide SSL as standard on any account you purchase from The use of SSL to secure the modern web is fundamental. We also provide this 100% free of charge using the Let's Encrypt system.


Essential for any business are reliable backups. We believe these are fundamental to any website's long term success and we don't charge extra for them. In fact, as well as offering daily backups on many of our hosting plans, we also offer a manual Snapshot feature. Using Snapshot you can take an instant copy of your site's data; you can even download it for safe keeping. However you choose to host your business' website, make sure you have the tools to take control of safeguarding your data.

Critical support

If something does go wrong, you can't wait days for a resolution. Our own support is available 365 days a year, and we strive to solve any critical issues the same business day. Moreover, our serverwatch team work 24 hours a day, monitoring the availably of our network and servers. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, we'll notice before your customers do and start working on the solution right away.