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How to clone your WordPress website via Plesk

Applies to:
Reseller Hosting


Time Needed:
5 minutes


This is a quick step-by-step guide for cloning a WordPress website via Plesk Onyx, on Reseller Hosting.

Cloning a WordPress website creates a copy of your website files, database and settings. This functionality can be used in a number of ways, for example, to maintain a staging or test version of your website, or if you wish to create ‘master’ copy of a WordPress website which can be used as a starting point for each new project.

Clone WordPress

Login to your account

Firstly you’ll need to log in to your Plesk Onyx control panel, which will be at a URL similar to

Choose ‘WordPress’

Plesk Onyx comes with WordPress Toolkit, which enables you to manage all your WordPress websites, plugins and themes from one single interface.

To access WordPress Toolkit, firstly click on ‘WordPress’ from the sidebar menu.

Choose Your Site

This will bring up a list of the WordPress websites you have set up on your Reseller Hosting account.

Locate the WordPress website you wish to clone, then underneath the ‘Tools’ heading click on the ‘Clone’ option.

Choose your clone location

On the clone screen, Plesk will automatically default to using for your newly cloned website. If you wish to specify a new subdomain or domain name, simply click on the ‘a new subdomain’ link and enter your new subdomain or domain name into the dialog box provided.

If you wish, you can do the same with the database name too.

Start cloning your WordPress website

When you have specified the domain you wish to clone your site to, simply click the button labelled ‘OK’ to proceed. Your WordPress website files, database and settings will then be cloned, which can take several minutes, depending on the size of your website.

Finish cloning your WordPress website

After the cloning process is finished, you will be returned back to the WordPress Toolkit overview page. From here you can manage your newly cloned website, just as you manage any WordPress website.

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