Business Hosting – It’s the whole package!

25 July 2014

Siobhan Hancock

Business Hosting is “the bee’s knees“, “the cats meow“… “the bomb dot com” or any other terrible analogies I can’t think of at  this moment! love all of our hosting packages, they are all good in different ways and great for different markets. We have our Professional Hosting packages for those who want fantastic support at a fraction of the price. We are very proud of our Professional Hosting package to say the least. However, which package do our engineers love?

I’ll tell you, Business Hosting wins every time!

As a salesperson who with experience in a variety of fields, it’s great to speak to colleagues about products you are excited about. When I joined I was amazed by the passion our engineers have for our Business Hosting platform. Whenever I ask them about it, the response it always overwhelmingly positive.

It’s a fantastic, positive feeling when all our tech guys unite in warmth for this product. Our system administrator Andy told me recently:

“Business Hosting is the go-to package for reliability and uptime, I always recommend it to customers who want a platform they can rely on. I can’t count the amount of tickets I have from customers who moved to Business Hosting and have seen a noticeable difference in speed too.”

So there you have it, not from sales or the company directors, but from the horses mouth (or should that be Sys. Admin’s mouth?).

Our Business Hosting package differs from most others out there in many ways. In general it can be made to look like an upgrade on resources for people who run ecommerce sites, our Business Hosting is in fact a completely unique hosting platform.

We like to call to call it Business VPS in the office because it has all the natural benefits that you expect from VPS Hosting with the added benefit of managing it for you. An allocation of resources that are reserved only for the customer and the best site performance that is unaffected by other people on the server. This is why our customers ultimately upgrade. At a certain point, thriving websites outgrow shared hosting and look for the best stable, reliable hosting package in the industry.

This is where some other hosts may fail when they focus on dirt cheap hosting. recognise the clients that have business detrimental websites and expect leading support and service. We rise to the occasion!

Business Hosting is scalable, you can start off with the base level package at £14.95  a month. For this you get:

15GB Disk Space

100GB Data transfer (Bandwidth)

640MB Memory

If you are running a website built on a memory intensive platform like Joomla or Magento go for Business Hosting. Most Ecommerce sites run perfectly well on a slice 2 or 3 Business Hosting package.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is an important factor involved in Business Hosting too. The internet is a great place to run a business from. You are ensuring your business reaches a larger audience; that you otherwise may not have had and if you can retail online then why not? This is where PCI Compliance comes in. The internet is unfortunately also a dangerous place for scam artists and many people fall victim to them. If you want to give your customers faith that you are a legitimate operating business and that card and other details are safe, this is what PCI Compliance is made for. in regards to our PCI Compliant Web Hosting and those who want to adhere to the PCI Data Security Standards, just ask for our help! Business Hosting has Uptime, Stability, Reliability, PCI Compliance, Speed and Performance, what else do we need to mention?


Security is again everything you would expect from a VPS. We throw in a FREE SSL Certificate with this platform too! For those who don’t know what that is… that little padlock icon you see when you log in to a site or enter sensitive details, that’s SSL. It is a great asset to your website and it’s FREE for all Business Hosting users.

So that’s it! There are more benefits to Business Hosting and I could talk all day about it… I’m used to it! However I think that’s enough information for now, before the Business Hosting love bug ❤ sweeps the office again.

Talk to me about signing up or upgrading, as a new customer on 0161 987 3434 or email me on  I speak for our staff (especially Andy) when I say we will drop what we are doing to talk to our customers about moving to Business Hosting and don’t worry about transferring your website – we’ll take care of it for you!