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WordPress Logging

Applies to:
WordPress Hosting


From time to time, your site might have a white screen sometimes referred to as a white screen of death. This normally occurs on the WordPress Hosting, when either a theme or plugin has generated a fatal error.

In such cases it can be useful to know what the error is you can find your error logs in:


Within this folder you will find multiple logs including:

  • php-error.log – this contains errors generated by PHP
  • access_log_yourdomain.log – Nginx access logs related to your domain
  • error_log_yourdomain.log – Nginx error logs related to your domain

Enabling extra debugging with WP_DEBUG

By default only serious errors are recorded in your log files and sometimes these don’t provide enough information about a problem. In such circumstance you can edit your my-config.php file found in:


And add the following at the end of the file


This enables extra debug information, it also sets the information to be displayed to the screen, as well as being logged in the error logs.

You shouldn’t run WordPress with WP_DEBUG enabled in production where possible and always turn it off, by removing the line from my-config.php when you are finished.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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