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WordPress Hosting File Structure

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WordPress Hosting


All our WordPress hosting accounts come with WordPress pre-installed, configured and ready to go. If you want to upload, files, themes and plugins you can do so directly through the WordPress admin area.

WordPress Hosting File Structure

Uploading plugins and themes

To upload a theme or plugin through the admin interface you will need to log in to your WordPress site as an administrator level user.

If the plugin or theme is in the plugin or theme repository there is no need to download it. If you are installing a plugin or theme from another location, you should download the zip file it to your local machine first.

Adding plugins and themes from

Within the WordPress admin area, select either Appearance then Themes, or Plugins, then Add New. Use the search bar to find the theme or plugin you want to install and click Install. This will install and prompt you to activate the plugin or theme.

Adding plugins and themes locally

Within WordPress admin select either Appearance then Themes, or Plugins, then Add New. Click on the “upload” button and browse the file uploader to find the plugin or theme on your local machine. It should be in a zip file. Click Upload then Activate.

SFTP Uploads

If you wish to upload files through SFTP/SSH, you will need to enable SFTP via your FTP/SFTP client.

Please Note: Before you can upload files via SFTP you will need to setup a SFTP user and disable the SFTP lock within your client control panel.

Connecting via SFTP

With your FTP client (For OS X users we recommend Cyberduck, for Windows users Cyberduck or WinSCP) use the following details:

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

Your domain e.g


Username and password should be those generated within the client control panel (not your login).

Clicking connect should now connect to your server.

Please Note: If you get an error saying connection failed, please double check that your SFTP lock is set to disabled.

Once connected you can upload files:

  • Plugins should be uploaded to httpdocs/wp-content/plugins
  • Themes should be uploaded to httpdocs/wp-content/themes
  • Images or other files should be uploaded to httpdocs/wp-content/uploads

If you wish to edit your wp-config.php file, please make the changes you require to my-config.php.

File permissions

To provide you with a fast, efficient and secure service, some files have been restricted. The following files are deliberately not writable:

  • httpdocs/index.php
  • httpdocs/wp-config.php – use my-config.php as above
  • httpdocs/wp-content/object-cache.php
  • All files under httpdocs/wp

Please note that you do not have write access to the WordPress core files. This is deliberate, helping to protect against hacks and allowing’s automated systems to update WordPress for you.

After you have completed your changes, please switch the SFTP lock back on.

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