Need help speeding up your website?

25 May 2021


If you’ve been paying attention to our blog posts of late, you’ve probably noticed a slow drum beat of stories about Core Web Vitals this year (here, and here, and here). As a reminder, from the end of 2021, Google began testing all websites against this set of three metrics. The three scores evaluate site speed and usability and are expected to start affecting how websites appear in Google’s search results.

Last year we put together this detailed guide on how to improve your website’s results with CWV in mind; it is of course a substantial read, and many of our clients might be put off by the length of the information.

With that in mind, we’re now happy to announce a new string to our support bow – free website speed testing and analysis. Just contact our support team and we will happily run your website through a special testing tool (provided to us by GTMetrix). We will:

  • Test your website from a UK location using a typical connection speed of a website user
  • Generate a detailed report of your site’s current setup
  • Send you the report (via URL or PDF)
  • Walk you through the biggest take aways and what you need to do to improve your site

We’re happy to rinse and repeat as many times as you need to gradually make changes and improve your website’s performance. We can tweak the testing to inspect the whole site, look at specific pages, alter the location of the test or even alter the speed of the test to simulate a mobile phone connection.

We’ll try to break down the biggest items for you and explain the changes needed in as plain English as we can. If the changes we suggest sound intimidating, we do recommend a very small number of UK companies that we love to work with (and host their sites with – you can find out more here.



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