How does your site stack up against your competitors for CWV?

Hot on the heels of our preview of the upcoming Core Web Vitals, you might be interested to know how your site stacks up against competing websites. Enter stage right then this fantastic tool from UK SEO experts Reddico:

All you need to do is enter your location, a page on your site, and the keyword that page is intended to rank for. The Reddico tool will then gobble up the Google SERP for the keyword in question and run an Page Speed test against the top ten sites.

It takes a few minutes to run the full test, but the results are worth it. The tool will report back the top ten sites from the keyword and their associated page speed scoring; it’ll also point out some areas to improve. It can be fascinating to see who in your space has made the move to speed their site up, and crucially who hasn’t.

Also, while we expect CWV to become an increasingly important factor for websites, don’t panic just yet. Google’s John Mueller recently confirmed relevance is still king; your content will always be more important than the speed of your site!