Streamline launching a new site with our WordPress setup tool

18 April 2023


This week sees the latest enhancement to our WordPress platform. Should you require assistance in establishing a new WordPress website, our “Site Setup” option will now be available at signup. By choosing this free add-on, you will be guided through to a user-friendly site setup tool after signup. With just a few clicks, you can launch a fully configured and well-designed website.

Our tool is built around Extendify, an ingenious plugin crafted by former Automattic personnel. During their tenure on the WordPress project, they recognized a significant challenge in initiating a WordPress site – the laborious process of selecting a theme and making adjustments to achieve the perfect appearance. Extendify streamlines this process by offering a swift and seamless setup experience, enabling users to launch new WordPress websites effortlessly.

Please take note of the following key aspects of the site setup tool:

It’s just WordPress

The site setup tool is built around vanilla WordPress and Gutenberg blocks. The tool creates everything using standard WordPress norms, and once it’s worked its initial creation magic you can manage your website as you would normally using the standard WordPress interface. You don’t need to learn any new tools, and even the most novice user should be able to launch a well designed WordPress website in just a minute or two.

It’s fast

The setup tool doesn’t install any complicated proprietary code, site builders, themes or plugins on your website. There’s zero bloat and no massive code payloads. The sites that are deployed by the the setup tool are concise and lightweight meaning they should generate excellent GT Metrix site speed scores.

It’s free

We’re providing the tool free of charge to all our WordPress Hosting users. At launch it will be available only at signup for brand new sites. In time we will also look at how existing users can deploy this to start a brand new site on an existing WordPress Hosting account.

It can be removed whenever you choose

To generate your new site we install a very lightweight plugin on your WordPress installation. If you decide to remove the setup plugin at any time, your site continues to function just fine. You’re not locked into a specific way of working or site builder which means your site is yours to do with as you please – even porting to a different provider, should you ever wish.



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