What are the 34SP.com nameservers

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Professional Hosting
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5 minutes

What are the 34SP.com nameservers?

Updates to nameservers can take 12-72 hours to take effect. Your domain will be fully functional with your 34SP.com hosting account one this has happened.

  • ns.34sp.com
  • ns2.34sp.com

What is DNS?

The acronym DNS stands for Domain Name System. The Domain Name System is a standard for navigating all of the various Internet Protocol (IP) devices connected to the Internet. Without the Domain Name System, every time a person wanted to navigate to a particular website that person would need to type in the IP address.

Due to the fact that the world was running out of the original IPv4 Internet Protocol addresses, a newer standard is in the process of being adopted entitled IPv6. The IPv6 number scheme is much longer than the original IPv4 addresses and uses 128-bit addresses. This allows for a total of around 3.4×10^38 addresses for IPv6 versus just 4,294,967,296 unique addresses for the original IPv4 standard.

What is a DNS Server? What is a Nameserver?

Both DNS server and nameserver refer to the computer server which translates numeric data such as IP addresses into a more easily recognizable and memorable word-based Internet addresses. These word-based Internet addresses are commonly referred to as domain names. In order for any domain name to work properly with 34SP.com web hosting services, every domain name which is hosted by 34SP.com must point to our specific DNS computer server.

How Do I Manage My DNS Record Settings at 34SP.com?

You can easily add or manage existing DNS records on any active hosting account or domain name with 34SP.com using our full DNS record management tool. To learn more please visit our support knowledge base article on ‘How to update nameservers’.

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