IP address change complete

19 December 2008


Back in 2005, added a second transit provider to increase our network’s resilience to problems and increase reliability for our customers.

Part of the work involved in this was reassigning the IP addresses of all our servers to a new range, sourced directly from RIPE. These addresses can be routed over either connection, enabling full redundancy. In technical speak, they’re known as provider independent or PI addresses. While we moved quickly to put all customer sites in this address space, and then moved our own public facing equipment over, this week has seen the last internal servers moved and the changeover complete.

We are currently undertaking further measures to add another provider and increase our network resilience further.

Our old addresses belong to Level(3), our original sole transit provider, and they will be returned so that others can use them in the future. Good luck, anyone who ends up with those addresses; they’ve served us well.