From the support desk – adding tech and billing contacts

8 April 2019


This nifty little feature of our control panel is one that we often find people overlook, but it’s one of the most useful to know about. If you own a hosting account or domain name, you have the option to create as many additional contacts on the account as you like.

You can add both billing and technical contacts on a per domain basis, which as you might surmise, allows the new contact to work with our support team on billing or technical matters respectively.

A billing contact can get in touch with us over the phone or by email and request items such as invoices, changing the billing frequency or request upgrades to the account. A technical contact can get in touch with the team and ask for technical details, make changes to the account setup, access files and data, and more.

When you add a new contact to your account, you remain the owner in either case. All services with have one single, definitive owner. They can override any and all contacts any time they wish. The owner’s requests and actions supersede any contact should they require.

Why add extra contacts?

We find that businesses are the largest users of this feature. One person in the company might be the owner of the overall account, but there could be multiple people involved on the technical side of things, none of whom might be interested in the billing of the account.

An alternative use for contacts we often see is for web designers, agencies and developers. A web designer might have their client setup an account as owner, then be nominated the technical contact. The designer liaises with us on all aspects of the site, whose owner never has to worry about FTP, SSH or SSL. They typically set their card up for payment and never deal with again.

Adding additional contacts

Adding a new contact takes less than a minute through our control panel. You simply enter the email address of the person you want to add and they receive a request to approve. Full details can be found here:

Adding a technical contact

Adding a billing contact



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