Favourite… iPhone Apps

26 February 2010 Staff

Hello again world! Although we usually focus our blog posts on features of our great products like our reseller hosting or dedicated server packages, this month I’m going to blog about my favourite iPhone apps. I don’t own an iPhone myself (one day…) but quite a few people I know do meaning I can ‘steal’ theirs and have a play while they’re not looking. So onto the apps.

Flight Control

Flight control is an app developed by FireMint.

In the game you become an air traffic controller and the aim is to land as many aircraft as possible by drawing on their landing path with your finger. There are three types of aircraft to land – jumbo jets which land on the red runway, helicopters which land on the blue helipad and small planes which land on the yellow runway.

Things usually start off quite well with just a few aircraft arriving with relatively simple landing paths that don’t cross.

But after a while more and more aircraft arrive and it can get quite busy with not enough room for everything so eventually the inevitable happens… something crashes! This ends the game and the more aircraft you’ve landed the higher your score.

Warning – this is a highly addictive game. You can get it from the app store for a barginous 69p.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an app developed by Lima Sky.

The aim of the game is to guide the creature called the Doodler up the platforms without falling off. You can move from side to side across the screen by tilting the iPhone and there are various boosts such as jet packs and springs you can get to move up quicker.

You can also shoot at enemies by tapping the screen but I always find this difficult to coordinate (yes I know I should be able to multi-task being a woman but it’s hard!). If you fall off the game is over and you have the option to publish your high score to Facebook or Twitter. My highest score so far is 18,359 – this does need improvement!

Doodle jump is just as addictive as Flight Control and you can get it from the app store for 69p.

Rock Band

Rock Band iPhone 04 is an app developed by EA.

True to the original version of Rock Band, you hit the notes as they pass along the fret. There’s the option to play as guitar, bass, drums or vocals just as on the original version and you can even create your own mobile band with multi-player games. The song list is pretty similar to the original game with 34SP office favourites Foo Fighters – Everlong and Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye being amongst the songs offered.

I somehow doubt we’ll all migrate from bashing out the tunes on the real drums / guitar / bass in the games room to sitting round playing this on iPhones but it’s a fantastic little game which is a great mobile alternative.

You can get a demo of Rock Band for free with the full version costing £5.99 from the app store


iPint is an app developed by Carling.

Viral marketing at it’s best, iPint lets you drink a virtual pint of Carling using it’s accelerometer, be careful not to spill it though! It’s free from the app store.

London Tube

London Tube is an app developed by Presselite.

I found this app very useful when I went for a weekend in London last November. Although we didn’t use it to its full potential (we used it mainly to find our nearest tube station) it has a bunch of great features:

  • You can be notified of disruptions on any lines you select. I can imagine this is great for people who take the tube the same route every day.
  • You can find your nearest Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. based on your current location – great for when you’ve been lost for a couple of hours and are starving!
  • You can work out the quickest route to take to get to a destination using the best route planner – this saves looking like a tourist staring for ages at the huge tube map at the station.

Those are my top 5 iPhone apps at present. I hope one day I’ll be able to get my own iPhone and discover even more. Add your favorite app to the comments below.