EU domain names and Brexit

28 January 2019


Update Monday February 18th

We’ve now had formal confirmation that .eu domains names registered with a U.K. address will be revoked come March 30th, with full deletion in May.

For our clients affected by this we will be emailing you this week with details of how you can retain your .eu domain name by using a feature known as Local Presence at an additional cost.

Should you not wish to use the Local Presence service, or be unable to otherwise update your domain name with valid European address, your domain will cease functioning effectively as of March 30th.

Original article

As the uncertainty of the current Brexit scenario continues to swirl, one specific element we’ve been paying particular attention to is the future of .eu domain names. More specifically what impact the political changes ahead will have on domain holders and those operating .eu domain based websites.

As reported by the Register this week, advice from the UK Government seems to suggest if you’re a UK-based owner/operator of an .eu domain name, you should start to take appropriate steps to manage the possible loss of your domain name.

The future rights of UK .eu domain holders seems increasingly bleak based on these reports, so much so that we’d advise now is probably a wise time to take appropriate action – especially if your website actively uses an .eu domain name.

Just as a reminder, all January long we’re offering 50% off our most popular domains, which means you can snag a .uk domain for just £3.75 for the first year of registration.

If you do decide to switch your hosted domain name from an .eu domain to another, feel free to get in touch with our team so we can advise on the update. We don’t charge to alter the domain name on your hosting, and we can also advise on strategies such as using 301 redirects to ensure you don’t lose any traffic from search engines to the old domain.



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