Domain name price increase

30 September 2022


Due to a variety of changing market conditions, we are updating several of our domain name prices today – specifically those underpinned by US dollar purchases.

Our first and only price increase on domain names we purchase in US dollars was over six years ago. Today’s update represents only our second increase in twenty two years of business (on this portfolio of domains). Over those years we’ve absorbed several direct cost increases on these domain names, including several price raises from Verisign, the company that sells all .com domain names.

Sadly with the recent devaluation of the pound, margins have been pushed past their feasible limits. At our old prices, we began to lose money on every domain name sold that we purchase in US dollars. To address that, we’re increasing the price on both renewal and purchase of the following domain names:

Domain New yearly price
.com £20.00 per year
.net £20.00 per year
.org £20.00 per year
.info £20.00 per year
.biz £20.00 per year
.tv £50.00 per year

As with all of our domain name and hosting prices, the prices listed above are inclusive of VAT.

We’re also making a second update to these products. Due to legacy technical issues, we’ve always sold the above domains with mandatory two year purchase/renewal periods. With today’s price increases we are removing that limit and allowing for both one year purchases and one year renewals of all the above domain names. For those needing to stretch every last penny, you can ask our support team to change your domain name to a one year renewal. We’re hopeful conditions with the pound stabilise and improve so that we’re able to roll back some of the increase for your next renewal period.



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