World Hosting Day

Well what can I say?? It’s the first day of the WHD and both myself, Nina and Lee are having a fantastic time!

The sun is shining! Germany, or more specifically Rust in Germany is beautiful. Europa Park is a very pretty place to be and we are enjoying the hot weather whilst talking to some FANTASTIC companies. World Hosting Day puts on great food, great entertainment and great company!

I will be tweeting as the conference goes on, as there is a lot to talk about.  For now all I need to say if you are anything to do with web hosting, web development or the web as a whole, you need to be here! Check out our twitter feed by following @34SP @34SPSiobhan or #WHD the official hashtag for World Hosting Day at Europa Park, Germany 2014!



Siobhan Hancock

Siobhan is Head of Community at You'll often find Siobhan socialising at tech meetups throughout the UK. When she's not doing that, Siobhan looks after our social media and is passionate about photography and videography.

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