WordPress Hosting package updates

If you stop by our WordPress Hosting pages today you’ll notice we’ve made a slight update to our package lineup. We’ve introduced two new plans and removed an older one. The current line up for our WordPress Hosting packages is now as follows:

1 site container
£9.95 per month

5 site container
£34.95 per month

10 site container
£49.95 per month

Spec-wise, the base plan retains its 1.25GB of RAM and 25GB SSD disk, while the next tiers up have 4GB/35GB and 8GB/50GB respectively. The previous 3 site containers have now been removed from general sale; if you already have one don’t worry, you can keep that as long as you keep renewing the plan. You won’t be able to create any new 3 site containers from today, however.

Of the three tiers, it’s important to note that the 1 site container is the most powerful of the three on a per site basis. Say what now? With the 1 site container all the resources of the container go towards that singular hosted WordPress site. On the multiple domain containers the resources are spread across the hosted domains. This is more than fine for average WordPress sites. However those sites that need power and performance should stick to the 1 site container, which ultimately has the most muscle per domain.

This also holds true if you don’t max out the hosted domains on a multi-domain container. For example, let’s say you take the 10 site container and only host 1 domain, that one domain only receives 1/10th the resources. Again for performance, the single site container should always be your pick. This plan is the only one that can be upgraded in terms of spec too – £5 per month extra gives 50% more resources.

Please note that all of this is unrelated to WordPress Multisite, which we can also host, but that’s another matter. Please do get in touch if you need help and guidance there.

If you have any questions about the update, please drop us a line as ever to support@34sp.com. Or, even better, come see us at WordCamp London this weekend and say hi in person!