Who has the fastest WordPress hosting in the UK? Well…

The results from this year’s Review Signal WordPress performance testing are in, and we’re pretty chuffed with the results. Our WordPress hosting platform was one of the star performers of the test, delivering the blazing performance we’ve worked hard for several years to achieve!

As a little backstory, Review Signal are an independent third party who test hosting providers each year in as unbiased a fashion as possible. Their methodology is extensive and hosts can’t pay to influence results. Side note: we do pay a nominal fee to offset the cost of the load testing tools, but we have no input into the tests nor the end reports.

This year’s report findings left the whole WordPress team with huge smiles. A few key highlights include:

  • Under Load Storm testing, 34SP.com were one of only six hosts to perform flawlessly, experiencing zero errors and stable load times
  • Under monitoring from multiple testing services our uptime was 99.99%
  • When tested from the UK, our hosting was the fastest responding of all the hosts tested
  • We received an “A” rating via the Qualys SSL Report for our SSL implementation (100% free with 34SP.com)

Of our overall performance, Review Signal’s Kevin Ohashi noted:

34SP.com returned for a second year and put on a very admirable showing. They were on the border of earning an honorable mention, but the Load Impact test had them doubling their response time average. The Load Storm results was impressive with no errors and getting faster response times as the test went on. This was a huge step up from last year and I look forward to seeing them again and it wouldn’t surprise in the slightest if they earn an award next time after their impressive performance improvements this year.

That small blip in testing has subsequently been tracked to a bug in OpCache, a caching tool we use to improve the speed of PHP processing on accounts. The particular bug is noted as fixed in PHP 7.3, and we’ll be upgrading to that version soon (stay tuned for more info).

In the interim, if you do expect your WordPress account to experience hundreds and hundreds of users per second (what these tests are in effect testing) please do let us know. We can happily make sure your site performs perfectly under this extreme load condition.

Here’s just one example of a popular website we host that routinely gets huge TV exposure:

So are we the UK’s fastest host? Well, we’re not really ones for hyperbole. We think the results speak for themselves.

What we will say is: our hosting is blazingly fast and for just £9.95 per month, capable of providing virtually all websites with incredibly quick loading times for a UK audience. If you’re running a UK based website, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find a faster UK WordPress hosting solution.

If you want to kick the tires and give the plan a thorough test yourself, go ahead and use code:


at checkout for three free months. No commitment necessary. We even supply a free testing domain with each plan as standard, so there’s no need to test with your live site either.

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