In the next few days all personal hosting users will receive an email detailing upgrades to their servers. The upgrades will be to Plesk 7.5 and will take place throughout December. The main points of this upgrade are:

1) Mailbox usernames

As an early warning; in 2006 we will be switching to allow only full length mail name logins across all servers.

What does this mean?

Instead of using just “sales” to login to the “sales@yourdomain.ext” mailbox, you will need to use the full email address “sales@yourdomain.ext”.

2) Mail reject

We strongly recommend the use of this option over the catchall or bounce option, for your mailboxes. This feature will reject any email (to a domain in your control) that does not have a specified mailbox.

This option helps to lower server mail queues.

3) Webalizer referrers

The latest version of webalizer now has a unique config file for each domain. You should no longer see your own referrers in the statistics. This should improve your view of where traffic is originating.

4) Improved service monitoring

A system level monitoring module will be put in place that checks items such as the web and database servers. The module takes appropriate actions if services fail. This should resolve minor issues much more quickly than a engineer can attend.


There is one comments on “Plesk 7.5 upgrades

  1. Yorkdale November 24, 2005

    I have been using mail reject for a long time, and it cuts down the spam to almost non-existent. I heartily recommend users follow Stuart’s advice on setting this option.