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In accordance with our terms and conditions we are issuing a 30 day notice to all personal hosting customers that prices will increase on 18th March 2006. Prices will rise by �2.95 per year on all personal hosting accounts. As of this date all renewals will be issued at the following prices:

£17.95 – Personal 50 hosting
£27.95 – Personal 100 hosting
£37.95 – Personal 150 hosting
£47.95 – Personal 200 hosting

Please note that charges due on the 18th March will be added in two days time and these will be at the new price.

All current outstanding payments issued are unaffected by the price increase. The price increase will enable us to further invest in the infrastructure and improve our hosting services.

The first improvement will be the introduction of a free monthly backup service to all personal hosting accounts. Backups will be taken of your site data once per month. This service has a planned install date of April 2006 and we will e-mail you closer to the time with more details. We still recommend all users maintain full local copies in case of emergencies.

Stuart Melling

Hi! I am the the co-founder of and Business Development Director; I've been at this hosting lark for more than twenty two years, ulp.. I oversee multiple areas of our business to ensure products and services are meeting our customer's needs. You can get in touch over on LinkedIn or replying to any of most posts. In my spare time I am exceptionally interested in food and drink, I run several food website and am a multi-award winning, food and drink writer.

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  1. At first I was a little upset about a price hike, but, thinking about it now.. £3 for a whole years off-site back-up seems like a pretty good deal to me.

  2. I should also add that the price hike was also our first in five years; it is also not a great deal more over inflation during that five year period.

    We intend the extra funds to help improve the service, starting with the backup system and in the future by improving back end systems, adding new bandwidth carriers etc.

  3. Like Suart says, this is the first price rise I have seen and I started here over three years ago. Besides, where else are you gping to find professional standard service with full features for the price?

    Sure you can probably find 100GB space and 1TB bandwidth for 1p a month if you look hard enough, but they will spam your site to death with their ads and still won’t give you all the bells and whistles like 34SP does!

    Add to that that these guys are UK so your info and transactions are protected by our own robust data protection laws not those of data abusive countries like the US, and you soon realise how fortunate we are to have access to a local service like this.

    For me 34SP offers probably the best quality hosting at the lowest possible price available in the UK. Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Hi,

    I agree with Yorkdale. A good service and support for a low premium.

    Is it possible to offer us loyalty points for length of service with you guys? ie. The longer we stay with you the more you increase the value of our 34sp points.



  5. Hi
    Since I found 34sp 2 years ago i have been more than impressed with the service and value for money. No hidden issues as I’ve found with other providers.. just good all round service. I don’t think that £2.95 increase is alot to ask.

    ” U could double your prices and it would still be great value. Good service, good product guys.


    However Fraser, don’t encourage them 😉

    Great Job Guys


  6. This is the 2nd price increase since I’ve been with, anyone remember £12/ year? But I’m still happy with the service provided and will staying with them.

    I would not be happy if I did not get a pay rise each year if I’ve performed well, so why not!

  7. This is the 2nd price increase since I’ve been with, anyone remember £12/ year? But I’m still happy with the service provided and will staying with them.

    I would not be happy if I did not get a pay rise each year if I’ve performed well, so why not!

  8. I have nearly 20 accounts with 34SP and have been using them exclusively for several years. I agree that the service is impeccable; I think I have put my money where my mouth is. But, I am still a little wrinkled-browed about the price increase when generally in the technology world, prices decrease even though speed, space and memory increase. Darrell does have a great idea, though, guys…

  9. You guys offer a great service and I have been with you for over four years now! Dont over price yourselves though, your service is good but you need to keep competitive. Cheers Tim

  10. I have tried a few other “cheap” hosting companys over the last few years and I have to admit I have found 34SP to be very reliable and there surport is excellent (emails usually answered the same day, unlike Hostlogical/UKWeb who never replied to a single email I sent and had whos uptime was terrible.
    If you want good reliable hosting that dosent cost the earth 34SP is for you.

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