How not enabling SSL is hurting your website

It’s been a while since I last wrote about SSL, more specifically the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates we provide as standard with every hosting account. Over the past few years I’ve been writing fairly routinely about the importance of moving to SSL and the results have been successful.

Obviously we’d love everyone to move to SSL, and a recent survey conducted by Real Business spurred me to write this little reminder post for anyone who hasn’t yet made the switch. As part of the survey Real Business report, more than 1300 users were presented with a non secured website and found:

46% said they wouldn’t enter their name, password or bank details into a website that was “not secure”, with 64% of those saying they would leave the website instantly.

14% feared their device had been exposed to a virus, 8.4% thought it had signed them up for spam emails and 12% thought it was a fake version of a real website.

Sobering stuff for sure if your website still hasn’t made the move to SSL; and to underline again, getting started (and finished) is very, very easy. You can find our tutorial here, and our support team are always happy to handle the process for you if you have any concerns at all. We’ve helped 1000s of businesses make the move to SSL – all at zero cost.

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