Free GDPR guide now available

23 April 2018


The month of May is going to be momentous for every UK business; the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation legislation is set to become law and will radically affect day to day operations. If you handle personal data of any type, GDPR affects you.

Huh, GDPR what? If that was your first response you might want to check out our free guide: Getting your business ready for GDPR. This is available right now in the Resource Library area of your control panel. Simply login at

The guide to GDPR is available as a PDF download, so you can read it on your device of choice or print it out if you prefer. The guide is aimed at those businesses who are still struggling to get to grips with the basics or might be a little behind the curve when it comes to GDPR. It’s important to note that GDPR can affect all areas of your business, it doesn’t just apply to credit card data. Any personal data you might process is covered by GDPR.

We still recommend you seek professional advice on how this legislation affects your business, and how to become compliant; the guide will hopefully point you in the right direction so you can start asking the questions that will help protect your business.

If you’re not a customer and still want to download our GDPR guide here:

There’s no commitment to purchase anything at all. Once your free account is activated you can download the guide.



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