Brexit and your web hosting – what’s next?

As December 31st approaches, more and more people are asking us if they need to be aware of any Brexit related changes to their service with We’d like to quickly sum it up in a word: no.

Of course not much changes for our UK based customers. Our entire billing and technical infrastructure is located within the UK and will remain so. For our European clients, we will remain part of the VATMOSS system, which means we will charge you your local VAT rate at checkout, then report and pay that to the relevant EU tax authority.

There’s much talk of tariffs in the press, and the uncertainty of various trade deals; but ultimately we’re a service based business, and tariffs don’t affect us.

One possible pitfall for our EU clients might be their hosted data. We already adhere strictly to European GDPR and UK Data Protection legislation, and that won’t change after Brexit. However it’s feasible that data residency legislation might affect where select clients can host sensitive data – we’d recommend you review that based on your specific country and sector that you work in.

Lastly, as a reminder, non European Union residents, citizens or businesses won’t be able to hold onto .eu domain names, register them nor renew them. We’ve covered this quite a few times already, and believe the vast majority of affected users have transitioned away as appropriate.

Stuart Melling

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