Announcing Managed WordPress Hosting at

21 April 2016 Staff

To coincide with the recently held WordCamp London 2016, has now officially launched our brand new managed WordPress Platform. Geared towards UK users the plan combines speed and security with unmatched value. The new plan supports hosting for multiple sites, staging and cloning tools plus a hosting stack that delivers lightning fast response times.

Tim Nash, a respected veteran of the WordPress community recently joined the team to spearhead development of the new managed WordPress hosting solution. Nash explained, “The new WordPress Platform has been designed as isolated containers, allowing the use of specialist technologies to improve performance and security. At the heart of the stack is CentOS 7 with Nginx, MariaDB, Memcached and PHP-FPM, with specialist caching solutions in the form of Nginx FastCGI cache and application caching with Memcached.”

Security for the modern web is also top of mind for Nash, “’s Aegis security system combines automated updates with custom mod_security rules based around the OWASP ruleset. This feeds into Fail2Ban, providing a centralised method for preventing malicious access. When an SSL certificate is attached to a site, either an EV certificate or a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, sites are served over HTTP/2. Not only does enabling SSL provide security through encryption for visitors to a site but it now also offers even greater site performance.”

Based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, has over 15 years of hosting expertise supporting WordPress from its earliest days in 2003. Underlying the technical sophistication is’s commitment to quality, locally based support; available 365 days a year and completely trained and operated in house with no outsourcing.

The approach resonates with another well known UK WordPress expert, Mike Little. One of the two original developers of WordPress, Little underlined the importance of local in a recent interview, “It’s a question I get asked a lot, ‘can you recommend a hosting company?’ and what I tend to do is suggest that people look at the company or compare companies, look into details, do a bit of due diligence. I often tell them to use a company that’s based in the same country as their target audience.” “I’ve a couple of client sites on and I love the fact that they have telephone support, which not all companies do. They’re UK based which for most of my clients is ideal, it means that the support hours match exactly what people need. They’re also a local company and I try to support local companies whenever I can.” Little also elaborated, “Many hosting companies say they are WordPress compatible and really all they mean is that they have PHP and MySQL on your account. Most people need more support and in particular if a company will optimise their hosting for WordPress – that can be great.”

Our new plan supports 3 individual WordPress websites within a 2GB RAM, 4 CPU container optimised specifically for WordPress. The new managed platform is available immediately and is priced at just £14.95 per month, or less than 17p per day per site (when running three sites). All hosting plans come with a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee, meaning new customers can run the plan through its paces with complete peace of mind. Those eager to move ahead can also take advantage of’s WordPress experts who will handle the complete inward migration of any WordPress site.

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