Why choose 34SP.com?

In a world crowded with hosting companies, you need to be sure you're picking the very best when hosting your valuable site. So why should you become a 34SP.com client?

Customer Service

Customer support is the number one reason our clients chose 34SP.com. Exceptional service and support was our founding priority more than twenty years ago, and remains our number one goal to this day. We recently launched our support charter, spelling out exactly what you can expect from us, 365 days a year.

To see what our clients think of our work, check out our reviews on Google, TrustPilot, Facebook, and many more. We're confident you'll find thousands of honest reviews from our happy clients.

Free Migrations

If you need to move away from your current web hosting company, we'll help to minimise the hassle. We'll help you migrate your website in a seamless and safe manner, and stay in touch throughout the process. We'll also work with you after the migration completes to ensure your website is error free. We won't charge you a penny either - all migrations inward to 34SP.com are completely free.

We're Local

We're 100% independently owned and operated, and proud of it. We own and operate our own server and networking equipment. We own our offices in Manchester's Northern Quarter. We build our own software in house to ensure the best possible customer experience. We're the opposite of the monolithic, mega-name web hosting companies you've come across before. We get to know our customers by name, and we've been known to share a cup of tea with them too. When you choose 34SP.com you're not just another customer number among millions.

Sustainable Hosting

Another big reason our clients chose 34SP.com for their website hosting is our commitment to sustainable business practices. As part of that mission we use 100% renewables in powering our servers and offices, but more than that we partner with the Woodland Trust to plant new trees and secure existing ancient woodland across the UK. As a net result, our work with the Woodland Trust offsets the carbon of another SIX companies the size and usage of 34SP.com.

Supporting UK Charities

We're keen to support the communities we participate in, hopefully making a difference wherever we can. With that in mind we give away ten percent of our total hosting capacity to UK registered charities. Over the years we've supported more than a thousand UK non profits and donated nearly half a million pounds in services. You can read more on that here. When you choose 34SP.com you're also helping to support charities across the country.

Over 20 Years in Hosting

We've been at this a long time. A very long time. We formed the company when Frontpage extensions helped people build websites, at a time when many hand coded their HTML websites in notepad. We were there before the smartphone explosion and social media changed the world. We've moved with the times, and continue to evolve, grow, and learn with the tech industry. That means we'll be on top of the latest tech and trends and be ready to continually improve your website hosting experience.

We're Web Geeks Too

Speaking of which, it's more than a job for us. From digital marketing and SEO, from Python to Perl, our team are active developers and website owners in their spare time. That means whether you ask us about IPv6 or WordPress Gutenberg blocks we'll be speaking your language. The flipside is true too - if you prefer a tech-speak free approach, just let us know.

Need For Speed

We build our web hosting products in house, from the ground up. We do so with blazing fast performance first and foremost in mind. On today's modern web, speed is everything. We understand that slow websites can directly impact sales and SEO standings. If you ever notice a performance issue with your site, our team can run detailed tests and provide detailed analysis and reports for you. From there we'll help you understand what's causing the slow down and offer ways to improve. Our performance testing and tweaking service is 100% free for 34SP.com clients, too.

Managed Hosting

It's about more than just fast websites. Our goal is to remove all the technical fuss and take the stress out of running a website. We try to take care of all the technical backend elements of your website experience. We want you to focus on your business, not spend time poking around with caching setups or web server settings. We take care of the security of your website, optimize for performance, automate your backups, and much more.

Everything is included in the price you see. We don't charge extra for SSL security, backups, or migrations.

Competitive Honest Pricing

The price you see on our site is the price you pay. We don't charge different rates for different clients, we don't hide VAT and we won't increase your price after an introductory period. The price you see is the price you pay. Clear, concise and simple pricing is part of our promise to you. When you sign up to 34SP.com you can be certain you're paying the best price there is, because the price you see online is the only price we charge.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're hesitant to make the plunge, don't be! All our web hosting products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. Pick up the phone or drop us an email, you can cancel and get a 100% refund on your hosting purchase for any reason.

Try Our Hosting For Free

Still need convincing? Go ahead and use code GETSTARTED for any of our hosting packages and get your first month free. That initial month will come with everything listed above - world class support and hosting guaranteed. If you'd like to try us out with a test domain rather than your live website, just drop our support team a note and we can provide a free test domain name, too!