34SP.com Control Panel

The 34SP.com control panel gives you complete control over your all your services with us. Manage your website, email, billing and contact our team - all through our intuitive and easy to use interface.

The 34SP.com control panel

A simple, easy to use interface

Stress free website controls

The 34SP.com control panel has been created so that you can have maximum control over your websites, with minimum fuss.

We've designed our control panel with usability at its core, so you can do the things you need to, as quickly and easily as possible.

The 34SP.com Control Panel

Start working as a team

The 34SP.com Control Panel

Create technical or billing contacts for any product

Our contact system allows you to easily collaborate with multiple stakeholders across multiple products. You may have a developer or designer that needs access to your site, or maybe you have a client that wants to pay for their own domain name.

With the 34SP.com control panel you can grant third party access to your website's billing or technical details, whilst keeping your own account secure.

A control panel you can use on the go

The 34SP.com Control Panel

Mobile & tablet friendly

Login anytime, anywhere on your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. The 34SP.com control panel has been designed so that you can manage your websites either at your desk or on the go.

Whether its creating a mailbox, managing a sub domain or just checking your FTP details - you can do it anywhere, any time.

Effortless e-mail management

The 34SP.com Control Panel

Easily create, edit & remove mailboxes

We know e-mail is still as essential to your business as its always been. That's why we've made e-mail management effortless. With just a few clicks of a mouse button you can create, edit or remove fully functional e-mail mailbox.

All e-mail mailboxes are backed by our Mercury E-mail system and come complete with SMTP, anti-virus software & feature rich web mail.

Billing made easy

Straightforward invoicing

We have made billing simple, straight forward and fuss free. With 34SP.com billing, you can have multiple credit cards associated with multiple products, giving you flexibility to manage your billing however you wish.

We also provide you with easy access to your entire billing history, so you can download pdf invoices from any payment you've made in the past.

The 34SP.com Control Panel

Complete DNS control

Get the most from your domain names

All domains purchased or transferred to 34SP.com come with full control of DNS settings.

You don't need to host your website with us, in order to get full access to nameserver settings, DNS records and our suite of one click DNS tools.

The 34SP.com Control Panel
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