PHP 8.x is now available on our Professional Hosting platform

29 March 2023


Following the release of our new Reseller platform late last year, this month sees the activation of our new Professional Hosting accounts, built on the same cloud-styled architecture. For the most part, the new system will look and feel the same for Professional Hosting users; most of the magic such as the distributed storage takes place quietly in the background. With that in mind, new accounts are already being created on this platform and existing users are being invited to migrate over as they need.

The biggest changes end users should be aware of are software versions, specifically PHP, where the new platform has native PHP 8.x support. Should you decide to move your site/s over, please review your site’s compatibility with this release. PHP 7.x is not supported in any format on the new platform.

For reference, the new platform launches with the following packages and versions:

  • PHP – 8.0, 8.1 (8.2 should be available shortly)
  • httpd – 2.4.54
  • MariaDB – 10.7.4
  • Python 3.10
  • Perl 5.0

As ever, if you have any questions just drop our support team an email at and we’d be happy to advise.



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