Our Data Centres & Network

All 34SP.com facilities are modern high specification world class data centres.

34SP.com Partners

At 34SP.com we believe in transparency, you have the right to know how and where your site is served and where your money is spent. We believe in working with our partners to help us reach our goals of reliability, affordability and excellence.


Infrastructure Specification

Equipment housing

All 34SP.com facilities are modern high specification world class data centres.

Our data centres are staffed to support on site engineering, installation, operations and maintenance activities. Fully managed 24/7/365 by skilled engineers and monitored around the clock by Network Operations Centre staff and security personnel.

All centres are specially designed, equipped and secured to the highest standards, with redundancy at all levels. Our facilities are as follows.


Teledata’s TD1 facility offers:

  • ISO 27001, NSI Gold BS5979 accreditations
  • Redundant 2(N+N) UPS redundancy and stanby generators
  • Under floor cooling systems with cold aisle containment
  • FM200 Fire Suppression and VESDA detection systems
  • Best practice ISO 27001 security and access controls (including CCTV, biometric, and IC cards)
  • 24x7x365 support with qualified staff and help desk

Network Connectivity

34SP.com utilises a multi-homed BGP routed network.

34SP.com is also a Local Internet Registry (LIR) as a member of the RIPE NCC. As an LIR 34SP.com is independently responsible for the administration and allocation of the address space that underpins our network. 34SP.com presently provisions transit from three independent providers: Lumen, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric.

34SP.com is currently peering at IXManchester and operates an open peering policy.


To maintain our high levels of performance and uptime, 34SP.com relies primarily upon Supermicro hardware. Most machines are built using multi-core Intel Xeon processors, with memory ranging from 64-192GB, dependent on application. All servers are pro-actively monitored 24/7/365 to ensure that the services we provide are running smoothly.

The majority of our hosting packages are designed around Rocky Linux. Rocky is a distribution of Linux that provides industry-standard reliability and software support. Rocky Linux provides us with the stability, innovation and flexibility that a modern-day server operating system should provide.