Free website migrations

If you’re looking to move your website to, we’re here to help with the heavy lifting. While you can happily migrate the data yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable with the process, we’re here to help. We’ve migrated 100s and 100s of websites and know all the pitfalls and problems. We’ll deal with all the complexities and advise you along the way with timelines.

We typically advise that migrations take five working days from start to finish – but we’re often able to process them much faster. The exact timing depends on how busy our support desk is, and how complex your website is. We’d rather get the move right, that rush through and cause errors, we’re sure you would too!

Website migration FAQ

What are the basic steps in moving a website from host to host?

While this might all sound a bit scary, migrating a website to a new host is a relatively simple process. The migration goes like this:

1) Copy the data from your current host
2) Upload the data to the new host
3) Test how the site loads up on the new host
4) Update the name servers on your domain name so the domain starts pointing to the new host
5) Test the site again once the domain

What information will I need to give you?

We will need some login data from your existing hosting company. We will need this to backup your data so that we can copy it to our servers. We understand that some users might not be happy with this, so feel free to create our support team temporary access details with unique passwords. These can then be deleted as soon as we move your data.

Again you’re more than welcome to move the website over yourself, but if you task us with the job we will need to be able to login to the relevant areas of your old hosting account

Is there anything else you will need from me?

We only ask for your best contact details so that we can stay in touch during the process. Our team might find some unique configurations on your existing website and they might want to ask you questions about them.

The speed of the overall migration is usually determined by how quickly we can get in touch and solve these as they crop up.

How will I know my new website is working before?

Test, test and test again we say. If you’re migrating your website into we will give you a special access link for your new hosting account. This means you can preview your website on our servers through a special URL, before you ever update your name servers. This way you can keep your website running on your old host, before you’re absolutely certain the copied site on our servers is working to your happiness.

What if I need to pause the website move?

No problem at all, this happens all the time. Whether something urgent has come up in the business, or you just need a week or two more before flipping the switch, just let our support team know. When you’re ready to begin again, we will re-sync your data transfer and pick up where we left off.

Will you migrate my email as well as my website?

We’re happy to assist with email migration too. If your email is stored on an IMAP server we can definitely copy the email from your current host to our mail platform. We will need a few more details from you if this is the case. If you use POP for your email, the actual email data is on your physical machines, not hosting servers. We can’t copy that for you, that will remain on your own machine. You can always convert your POP email to an IMAP account though, and push your email onto your hosting plan with us – just ask and we can advise.