WordPress and web hosting in the world of Covid-19

By now you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of updates from a variety of companies regarding their plans and policies surrounding the trending outbreak of the novel coronavirus. I wanted to very briefly share our own.

Thankfully the nature of our work makes us better placed that most to adapt to the challenging situation. Starting today we’ve formally activated our plan to allow all staff to work remotely for an indefinite period. Indeed we already allow staff to work remote once per week as a small perk, so the transition is relatively simple for us as a company. Our office also remains open to those staff who might need a place to work and/or live very close.

Every company can help delay and defer the outbreak as Tomas Pueyo shows in this great piece. We hope our own change no matter how small, helps protect both the safety of our team, and assist in flattening the growth curve in the current environment.


Additionally to this we’re also putting a halt on traveling up and down the country. We attend a myriad of events and meetups each year, these plans will now be put on hiatus until the situation improves. That said, we’re looking at this as an opportunity to work on something new and useful in the WP community – stay tuned for info on our first virtual WP meetup!


You might already know we’re keen to support communities and make a difference where we can, through our existing charity hosting scheme. We’re now extending that to any devs who might be working on projects that assists in the current environment within the UK. Working on a site to inform users of local outbreak patterns, a tool to help communities connect or plan? Reach out to us and let us know what you’re working on, we’re happy to sponsor some free hosting and a domain name.

And as ever…

Wash your hands

Stuart Melling

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