WordCamp London 2017 – don’t miss out

If you haven’t purchased tickets to WordCamp London yet, there are still a handful remaining. Priced at just £30 per person, the event is a fantastic bargain for anyone with even a passing interest in WordPress.

The 2017 instalment of WordCamp London features 44 speakers spread across 2 days and 3 different tracks. Held at London Metropolitan University you’ll hear talks on everything from improving your writing skills to advanced technical subjects such as using Agile and Vagrant. We’ll also showcase a few of the speakers here on our blog over the coming week or two.

Included in the cost of the ticket is lunch and dinner each day, with last year’s dinner of pie and mash being particularly memorable; indeed, several of the 34SP team (who will go unnamed) may have gone back for second and third pies. Finally, there’s also the wonderful party that’s held on the first night of the event, again included in the price of the ticket; the party is centred around retro gaming consoles so you can play that classic game from your childhood, hang out with fellow attendees and have a relaxing evening. Free drink tickets are provided, too.

A big focus at WordCamp London is accessibility – which means the event is open to everyone and anyone who wants to attend. The organisers even provide crèche facilities on site for parents who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Again, if you have any interest in WordPress we’d strongly recommend you attend. The organisers put the true cost of the event at close to £170 per person, which is offset by the many sponsors you can meet and blag free swag off over the two days. Speaking of which…

If you do decide to attend, we’ll be in attendance for our third year, both as sponsors of the event and speaking on day two as well. Come and say hi in the sponsors area, grab some free swag and enter our contests! Feel free to hang out and chat about anything and everything (see me in particular for a debate about pies) too, we love to meet our clients.

Also this year, our WordPress platform lead Tim Nash will be giving a presentation titled, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Host?” In the talk Tim will guide attendees through the world of hosting, looking at what the different offerings mean and trying to break down the vocabulary of hosting into terms that are easy to understand. He will also outline when free options are perfectly acceptable to use.

Here’s Tim’s talk about hacked WordPress sites from WordCamp London 2016:

See you in London!


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  1. Daniel Foster February 17, 2017

    I’m looking forward to shredding some more Guitar Hero / Rock Band at the afterparty 🙂