Two-factor authentication is now live

1 August 2016 Staff

We’re happy to announce that two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) is now available for all customers. 2FA adds an additional layer of security to your account and we encourage all our customers to activate 2FA and secure their accounts.  To get started follow our simple guide ‘How to enable two factor authentication on your account’.

Our implementation makes use of the Google Authenticator mobile app, which is available to download for free on both Android and iPhone.

Why use two factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is also known as “multi factor authentication” and secures your account by requiring not just a password and username, but also something that you, and only you have access to.

By confirming two unrelated pieces of information, your account should be much harder for a third party to access. If someone wanted to access your account, they would need both your password and the device you use to get your access code.

Breaking passwords is becoming increasingly easy, as computers become more powerful and processing power becomes cheaper. Likewise with major websites regularly being hacked and user details often leaked, the chances of your account being compromised are much higher, especially if you use the same username and password combination across multiple sites.

Two factor authentication provides a new way to improve your account security, as even the most careful users are susceptible to vulnerable passwords. Your hosting account is probably one of your most precious logins; with it you can manage your sites, your emails and domains. With a few clicks you are able to have a web presence and with a few more it can be destroyed.

Security is something we take very seriously at With the introduction of two-factor authentication, we hope that you’re able to sleep a little more soundly.