Planning a Virtual Christmas Party

Having drawn the short straw and being the person in charge of the Christmas party this year I have spent a lot of time doing research into different options. It turns out that a virtual Christmas party doesn’t have to be boring and I decided that I should share my research with you.

Now I am sure the majority of us are pretty Zoomed out so finding something that is interactive, can include a plus one, and is within budget wasn’t easy. Below are some of the top ideas that I found.

Virtual cocktail making

There are loads of companies offering this as an option with most of them providing you with boxes full of all of the equipment that you need. Delivered to each member of your staff, this is a fairly low-stress option for the organiser. Learn how to make different types of cocktails, race against each other to see who is the fastest or even learn some flare tricks to impress your friends when you are finally allowed to see them. Best of all you get to drink your creations!

Cookalong sessions

Did you know that you can organise a group cook along? With ingredients delivered to your door, you can all cook the perfect Christmas burger and then eat it together afterwards. There are different options available and you will learn all sorts of great cooking techniques.

Murder mystery

Something a little different and it will depend on your colleagues’ level of involvement on whether this would be a success but it could be a lot of fun. There are companies who will host this for you, or you could just buy one of the many kits available to host a murder mystery at home and adapt it to going virtual. Allocate characters and help solve the whodunnit together.

Escape rooms

I am a huge fan of escape rooms and I have done a few over the course of lockdown with varying levels of success. There are some where you can book to do a real escape room virtually with someone in the room and you tell them what to do, a bit like Crystal Maze, and others where you share your screen so everyone can work together. With teams of around 6, you could make it competitive by seeing which team can escape quickest.

Quiz night

Although a lot of people have spent their lockdown taking part in various quizzes, it seems that this is still a very popular option. Whether you want to be the quiz master and organise your own questions or just buy a quiz pack to use, this is a great activity; even more so if there is a prize up for grabs.

Online games

On the first Friday of the month we send our staff pizza for lunch and head online to play various games. This month was our first try at Among Us and it was hilarious. We are also partial to the Jackbox games and which are all great games for between 6 and 8 players.

Virtual Christmas party

If you really want to try and create the “normal” Christmas party vibe then there are companies out there who will deliver food and drink to everyone and then provide an evening of entertainment. A bit like those large parties where you book a table but share the party with lots of other businesses

Which of these Christmas parties would you choose? We will be hosting a cocktail evening for all of our staff and throwing in a gingerbread house making competition where you will be able to help us choose the winner. Keep an eye on our social media for more details on that early in December.