End of EV SSL support

As of today we’re removing EV SSL certificates from sale on our site. We’re making the decision as we no longer believe the product is a good fit for our clients’ needs. The benefits of EV (Extended Validation) over regular SSL are debatable and generally not well understood.

In essence the EV certificate adds a layer of additional checks at purchase point, manually carried out by the SSL issuer. This is meant to ensure that an EV SSL certificate is never handed out to a rogue site. The logic goes that consumers will feel more trusting of a site that has been granted an EV SSL certificate. The counter to that though is how many times have you personally shopped online and ensured the seller was using an EV SSL certificate before placing your order? I’m waging not many of you.

Additionally, to deliver that trustworthy message visually and instantly, EV SSL is also responsible for turning the browser’s address bar green for EV SSL enabled sites. Again though, how many times do you personally review that before checking out online?

This feature set comes at a fairly hefty price tag. Our most recent EV SSL pricing was more than £100 per year, and this was from selling as close to cost as we could; not least sourcing one of the most cost effective EV SSL options on the market to begin with. Furthermore, where our Let’s Encrypt SSL is completely automated, EV SSL can take several weeks to issue given the manual checks required on the buyer.

Ultimately our own install base tells us what our clients need and expect. As of writing we currently have thousands of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates installed across our hosting plans compared to zero EV SSL certificates. If you haven’t yet made the leap to an SSL enabled site, check out our guide to installing free SSL on your website now.

If you do need EV SSL on your site, you are of course more than welcome to source an EV SSL certificate from any provider on the market. We’d be more than happy to help you get that installed on your site too – just drop our support team a line as ever!

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