A free bootstrap theme courtesy of 34SP.com

Our design team have created a free bootstrap theme (called ‘Mosley’) for all 34SP.com customers to enjoy this spring. This theme is available under the Creative Commons License, which means you can copy, modify and use the site design for free without asking our permission. Please feel free to play around and edit our theme as much as you like; if you do find yourself using it for a project we’d love to see the results, so be sure to leave a comment so we can check out your handy work!

Please note that this is a theme for Bootstrap, not WordPress. Our Bootstrap theme is provided ‘as is’. We are not able to offer support or advice on using the theme via our usual support channels.

Download Free Bootstrap Theme

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Resources we used to create the theme

As we were creating a theme to be distributed for free, it was important that we built the theme using open source code and content available under MIT or Creative Commons Licenses. Thankfully there are many free libraries, frameworks and open source resources for us to choose from, so we picked some of our favourites. All of the following libraries and resources are hosted externally, either on public CDNs or APIs. This means you can keep usage of your own resources to a minimum whilst using these external resources to create a great looking website.


The most popular front end framework on the planet, Bootstrap provides a solid, mobile first framework that’s compatible with all major browsers. Bootstrap works in combination with popular JavaScript library jQuery, so we’ve included that in the theme too.


Animate.css is a great way of getting started with CSS animations. Using a single CSS file, animate.css is incredibly easy to use, so you can easily add animation to your website.


Waypoints is a JavaScript library for triggering events on scroll. This plays nicely with animate.css, so you can trigger animations when the users scrolls to a specific area of your site.

Boostrap Validator

Bootstrap Validator is a brilliant jQuery plugin that works with Bootstrap forms to provide form validation.

Google Fonts

Hundreds of free web fonts are available courtesy of Google Fonts. Google Fonts is simple to setup, with minimal code. You don’t even need to download the fonts before you can use them.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a free icon font that can be added to any site with a single line of code, giving you the choice of over 600 professional quality icons. A great way of adding icons to your site without having to draw each one individually.


Unsplash is a library of high quality & royalty free photography. Provided under the Creative Commons Zero License, you can use the photos from Unsplash however you want, there are no restrictions at all. We used their API to load random images https://source.unsplash.com/random into our theme. Of course, you can replace these images with your own, simply update the URL to your own image.