Earn points and save money with our fantastic reward scheme.

What are 34SPoints?

34SPoints can be accumulated in a variety of ways and exchanged for 34SP.com hosting services or purchases. 34SPoints can be used to settle whole payments or used in part payment to reduce fees.

1 34SPoint is equivalent to £0.01 in 34SP services and purchases. For example, If you have 1000 34SPoints you have £10.00. This would be enough to obtain a .uk domain name for a 2 year period.

34SPoints are NOT redeemable for money in any currency.

How Do I Use My 34SPoints?

You can use your 34SPoints whilst making a payment/purchase via our website. Should you wish to check your current 34SPoints amount, checkout our Knowledge Base article ‘How to view your referral and 34SPoints data’ .