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November 2012

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The Takeover of Mobile Internet

The Rapid Growth of the Mobile Internet

It's no secret that mobile Internet use is experiencing explosive growth. The availability of a new wave of mobile devices such as the iPad, smart phones, Android devices, and hybrid computers such as ebook readers are all contributing to this rapid pace of mobile Internet adoption. One example of this phenomenal growth is the number of iPhones sold in the past Quarter - business analysts estimate that number at around 27 million iPhones sold in just the past 3 months. At 34SP.com we are keeping a sharp eye on this growth trend and making certain that our web hosting products and services are mobile Internet compatible.

So just how fast and far has the mobile Internet come? Will it replace desktop Internet use in the near future? 34SP.com conducted deep research into these questions and along with our vendors created a detailed Infographic to help visualise this important shift taking place. We've inserted the first bit of our Infographic below, and you can see the complete version here:

Will the Mobile Internet Takeover the Desktop?

New Team Members

We advertised on our blog and elsewhere recently for two job openings here at 34SP.com and we're delighted to report that we have finally found the right people to fill those positions! They'll be starting over the course of the next month and we'll slowly be integrating them into the current support team. As part of our commitment to providing excellent support, we always strive to ensure that we will answer the phone within a few rings and email back within an acceptable time. This will ensure we can meet our high standards and provide our customers with the best service possible. Keep an eye on our IRC channel and our staff page for some new faces!

A Mad Sponsor

34SP.com are proud to announce that we're sponsoring Manchester Digital Laboratory! Based just around the corner in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, these guys are community of people who want to do and make interesting things! Geeks, artists, designers, illustrators, tinkerers, innovators and idle dreamers are all welcomed to share their knowledge and join Madlabs ever growing community. As you would expect, they're quite a busy bunch! You can check out their events page and see if anything interests you... and yes they have an extra large etch a sketch!!!

Manchester Digital Laboratory join the Blog North Awards as local organisations 34SP.com are proud to support through sponsorship.

Best wishes,

The 34SP.com team

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