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August 2012

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Refer a Friend for Free Hosting!

Refer a Friend for Free Hosting

Since the relaunch of our 'Refer a Friend' program last year, we have seen fantastic uptake and feedback from our clients. Month on month the program is seeing greater use, rewarding more and more customers with free months of hosting. The mechanism could not be simpler.

  • 1) Tell anyone you know that needs 34SP.com hosting services to put your domain name in the referral box when they order.
  • 2) Your friend receives a free month of hosting at signup.
  • 3) You receive a free month of hosting at the same time.

There is no limit on the number of free months you can earn, and you can even refer yourself. Try it out today and start earning your free months of hosting. You can see all the details here: https://www.34sp.com/referafriend.

34SP.com Knowledge Base Update

During the past several years 34SP.com has worked hard to deliver the web hosting and domain name products and services that you need. The largest part of what we do is to provide the very highest levels of customer service and support across our products. To deliver exceptional service and support 34SP.com offers a variety of methods to find the answers you need quickly. One of our most popular sources of information on our systems and how they operate is the 34SP.com Knowledge Base, containing detailed instructions on a vast array of topics including domain names and the entirety of our web hosting portfolio. You can take a look at the Knowledge Base anytime at: https://www.34sp.com/web-hosting-support.

We have recently begun a detailed program to review and revamp the 34SP.com Knowledge Base in order to keep it up to date with the very latest technical information. As there are literally hundreds of support articles and videos under a wide range of topics, these updates require significant resources to complete. There are 3 basic types of Knowledge Base articles:

  • Informational on a specific topic
    These articles help you better understand the workings and importance of hosting-related processes.
  • Step-by-step tutorials
    The tutorials are designed to lead you in a series of steps to complete a specific task.
  • Videos
    Videos generally show you how to accomplish tasks by running you through the steps as a user would usually see them.

The update began in August, and will continue until all of the information contained in the articles is reviewed and revised as necessary. If there are any areas of the Knowledge Base you would like to see improved, addressed, corrected or even something completely new added - just let us know! We would love to hear from you on what you think would improve this aspect of our service. Just drop an email to a support@34sp.com.

Best wishes,

The 34SP.com team

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