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Our dedicated server range spans simple and affordable machines to the most powerful and capable of equipment.

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Dedicated Server Management

Should you lack the the experience, the in house expertise, or even the desire to manage your server can take the strain. Server Management eases the technical and administrative overheads of server ownership.

What is server management?

Whilst under server management software installation, software configuration and software troubleshooting will be carried out by on your behalf. Based on your specific software requirements we can provide a roadmap for the smooth running and maintenance of your server. Software management is limited to 5 hours per month. Hours are non cumulative and expire at each months end. Hours are within weekday office hours only (9.00am - 5.00pm). The operating system and software under management must be agreed upon with prior to commencement of the server management.

Drawing on's own existing support infrastructure your server can also be managed as one of our own. Server management can add both server monitoring and backup services to your server as part of the standard cost. Server management is a bespoke service for each client and differs based on requirements. Requirements must be stated in full before commencement of server management service. The server must be located within facilities.

Server management starts from £120.00 per month. We understand every client has different requirements. Before we can support your server we need to speak to you first. Call us today on 0161 987 3434 to discuss your needs. Monitoring and backups are not enabled automatically. Services to be monitored by must be agreed upon before commencement of server management service. Backup space from 1GB is available and must also be agreed upon in advance.