How to add a new domain

Applies to:
Reseller Hosting


Time Needed:
5 minutes


This is a quick step-by-step walkthrough for adding a new domain to your Reseller Hosting account, via the Plesk Onyx control panel.

Adding a new domain in Plesk Onyx

Step 1

Login to your account

Firstly you'll need to login into your Plesk Onyx control panel, which will be at a URL similar to

Login to your account

Step 2

Choose 'Subscriptions'

Once you have logged in, click on the 'Subscriptions' option, in the left hand menu.

Choose 'Subscriptions'

Step 3

Choose 'Add Subscription'

This will bring up a list of websites you have on your Reseller Hosting account.

To add a new website, please click on the button labelled 'Add Subscription'.

Choose 'Add Subscription'

Step 4

Adding your own subscription

This will bring up a form. Fill in the form with the following information.

  1. A domain name
  2. A username (for FTP access)
  3. A password (for FTP access)
  4. Repeat password

We recommend leaving the other fields as their defaults, unless you wish to create a more custom setup.

When you're done, click the button labelled 'OK' to save your changes. Your domain is now setup and ready to use.

Adding your own subscription

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